How 5678 DanceSport works in your school
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Movement, Rhythm, Sequence and Performance

This program is not just about teaching dance, it's about teaching pride, confidence and respect, while learning a new skill. Its not so much about the steps, its about building relationships, confidence and social skills.

Level 1 - Movement programme

Duration: 8 or 10 weeks

This program teaches the basic steps of many DanceSport dances like the waltz, samba, chachacha and swing, plus team dances (danced in a circle). Allowing the children to establish a solid understanding of the basic dance steps, giving them a chance to relax, have fun and gain confidence to move onto the next level.


Level 2 - Rhythm programme

Duration: 8 or 10 weeks

This program starts with the children learning the correct DanceSport arm hold and reinforcing the dances taught in level 1, with the added challenge of new steps to new modern music (important to change the music so the children learn to hear the beat in different songs...plus for fun variety) and of course the new challenge of the DanceSport arm hold!

Level 3 - Sequence programme

Duration: 10 weeks

The children are now proficient in a number of DanceSport dances. This program is about introducing more dances to their repertoire, plus allowing them to enjoy what they have already learnt by adding new sequences, increasing music tempo to challenge their memory and fitness plus reinforcing the confidence and team work developed during the programs.


Level 4 - Performance programme

Duration: 10 weeks

The children have worked hard and now have the ability to dance a selection of DanceSport dances. Most importantly they have also learnt confidence, social skills and trust. That in turn creates pride, respect and honesty.

SHOW TIME! What better way to celebrate their success. In this Level, we choreograph a 30 minute "showcase" to allow friends, family, teachers and fellow students the chance to see how far they have come.

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What others say about 5678

I loved dancing with Taryn because we got to learn lots of cool dance steps and dances. I really hope you come back to Greenhithe school for the year fours when they do the dances. I'd learned to never give up even if you can't do it.

Greenhithe Primary School