Great Source of Social Fun and Enjoyment
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What is DanceSport?

My vision is to teach DanceSport in schools as a tool to help children build social awareness, confidence and self esteem.


  • is traditional, even in its modern form
  • is a great source of social fun and enjoyment
  • allows students to meet and socialise across year levels
  • is a great way to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness
  • helps students develop their social skills
  • promotes an appreciation of different kinds of music
  • promotes social interaction and prevents 'clique' groups forming

DanceSport is now officially recognised by the international Olympic Committee.

School Principals from 230 participating New York City schools in 2009 claimed that of the students participating in DanceSport in schools, they saw a drop in behaviour management by 82.5%, a positive impact on academic performance by 79.6%, and a positive change in the way the children treated each other by 94.9%.

The assessment of a pilot program in 29 schools in the UK says the scheme has helped "less sporty children become more engaged in physical education". Dr Jeanne Keay, Dean of Education, and Dr Jon Spence, head of physical education at Roehampton University added that other benefits include improved behaviour and previously shy pupils gaining in self-confidence.

The behaviour improved because of "the disciplined and structured nature of ballroom and Latin dance" (DanceSport), their report states. "As a result of working with a partner, they [the pupils] have shown empathy and a mature approach to working together which had not been evident previously."

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What others say about 5678

I liked dancing because I had a lot of fun. I did feel uncomfortable at the start, but as I went on, it got better and better! My favourite part was the 20 seconds crazy ride! Thank you so much. I wish you will come again some day!

Greenhithe Primary School