Helping Kids Achieve Confidence Through Dance
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Dance Instructor

Hi, I'm Taryn.

I began dancing professionally at 14 years of age and performed for many years as a "Candy Lane Dancer". In 1999, I moved overseas and danced a variety of styles in Australia and then Europe.

I started my company 5678 DanceSport for a few reasons. Firstly, I love teaching dance, but more important through teaching dance (specifically partner dancing), I started to notice huge changes in the social interaction between the children I was teaching. I was now getting joy out of not only the children learning dance, but more importantly, their positive attitudes towards one another.

Like learning a language, dance becomes harder to grasp as you get older...and so do manners and respect.

Starting 5678 DanceSport at a young age helps build confidence and improves social development, with the added benefit of learning to dance!

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What others say about 5678

I liked most of the types of dancing. I think I did really well at dancing. When we had 20 seconds to play about with the video player, me and Cassia hung back a little. We had three lessons on dancing on Wednesday. Taryn is very nice. Dancing was soooo fun!

Greenhithe Primary School