Helping Kids Achieve Confidence Through Dance
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Dance Instructor

Hi, I'm Taryn.

I began dancing professionally at 14 years of age and performed for many years as a "Candy Lane Dancer". In 1999, I moved overseas and danced a variety of styles in Australia and then Europe.

I started my company 5678 DanceSport for a few reasons. Firstly, I love teaching dance, but more important through teaching dance (specifically partner dancing), I started to notice huge changes in the social interaction between the children I was teaching. I was now getting joy out of not only the children learning dance, but more importantly, their positive attitudes towards one another.

Like learning a language, dance becomes harder to grasp as you get older...and so do manners and respect.

Starting 5678 DanceSport at a young age helps build confidence and improves social development, with the added benefit of learning to dance!

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What others say about 5678

I loved dancing with Taryn because we got to learn lots of cool dance steps and dances. I really hope you come back to Greenhithe school for the year fours when they do the dances. I'd learned to never give up even if you can't do it.

Greenhithe Primary School